VIP Full Support

Students in our full-support program  receive guidance from a team of top-notch academic instructors, well-established professors, and expert counselors. Through this program, students will find their passion, enter their dream schools, and fully embrace the opportunities in their lives.

Counseling and Applications 

Our expert counselors offer students individual guidance on extracurricular activities, academic planning, character building, time management, and social/emotional health.

Industry Internship and Youth Entrepreneurship

The 7EDU Internship and Youth Entrepreneurship Programs provide students experiential learning experience in fast-growing small- to medium-sized business companies under the guidance of professional industry leaders. 

Independent Projects

Instructors will guide students in developing and working on a project of their own interest. As they navigate each step of their project, students will discover their personal passions and learn to organize and present their research.
Academic Enrichment
7EDU offers a wide array of classes taught by educators of more than 10 years of teaching experience, covering topics of English, math, science, and social science.

Competition Training

Experienced 7EDU competition coaches help students in math, coding, science, social science, writing, and art competitions.

Test Preparation
Here at 7EDU, we guide students to study “smarter” when taking the tests while simultaneously being  “unique” in their college planning.   Our students will mindfully and attentively learn test-taking strategies without mindless practices.
Lab School
7EDU's student-centered and project-based lab school is where students grow into confident, inquisitive, and joyful learners. We cultivate students passions for learning!