Parental Involvement for Academic Success

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This year make it a priority to be more involved with your child’s education. Establishing daily routines, monitoring TV-watching habits and asking about their school days are a few simple things you can do to being more engaged. Showing parental involvement has a powerful impact on student’s academic success.

Make it a habit to set goals. We make New Year resolutions all the time, so why not make education plans each year as well with your students? Creating education prototypes can help your scholar get a good understanding of their weaknesses and strengths, which can help them choose a college major and finding a fulfilling career. Setting goals provides students and adults a clear picture and correlation of what direction they may be heading for their destination. If you don't think this is important, ask yourself "how do you know what you want if you never set a goal?" Determination to achieving goals will likely lead to student success. Even if you feel like you have "failed," you can always pick up from where you left off and learn from those mistakes!

Attend educational programs together. Being a part of an extracurricular program can be very beneficial to a student's academic growth. These programs invite different families from within the communities together where they engage and learn from one another. Activities may showcase student works, film nights, multicultural events, etc. Most educational and community-based programs educate and encourage community members to be educated on health and wellness. The health and quality of a community relies on many community members. Make the best of each event and meet someone new and build partnerships together!

Volunteer together. Students gain a sense of responsibility by giving back to the community and learning the benefit of sacrifices. Volunteers strengthen their relationships with those in their community and gains to their social network, which can be used for future letters of recommendations for either schools, jobs or internships. Not only does volunteering teach you important lessons, this also grants job experiences early on for a young professional. Not only are you doing something for the greater good, you are developing skills that can help you get forward in your careers. Being involved and taking on team member and leadership roles can serve your child well in their future careers. Lastly, volunteering has been proven to improve mental health and happiness! There's nothing more satisfying than being able to help someone else

Make learning fun. There may be times where even the brightest student may feel like they aren’t able to retain information quickly, but having a positive attitude and being enthusiastic about learning has been proven to help students in their process of learning. Maybe even try enforcing "brain breaks" during lessons. When you’re learning new material in a fun, engaging way, there is a higher chance that you will absorb the information quicker. Try practicing hands-on activities if your student is a visual learner. Enthusiasm during lessons show encouragement and may decrease stress levels.

Remember, learning doesn’t always have to be in a classroom, so go discover new things together!

Parental Involvement for Academic Success
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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