Children Adapting to Online Education: 3 Healthy Habits for Distance Learning

While some children are uncomfortable with distance education, others show unprecedented learning motivation.

When we are not sure when the K-12 campus will be open, distance education will become the most important learning method for K-12 children.

Parents may wish to know what are the characteristics of children who are well adapted and even more efficient in the online mode.

I hope that after reading today’s post, parents can find information worth learning from, so as to better guide their children to develop their own “net class habits”.
Here are 3 healthy habits for distance learning for children.



Normally, high school students in the United States start their day on campus at 8 am. Although the school schedule varies from region to region, most students constantly switch between courses in different subjects while in school.

This highly flexible self-scheduled time has caused problems for some students, especially given that their fixed habits have been disrupted for a while; but it is also an excellent exercise opportunity for students to practice reasonable arrangements on their own time.

During the epidemic, due to the use of online courses for teaching, the daily curriculum arrangement has changed so that students can choose when and how to complete school assignments.

"The reason I like to learn online is because I can arrange my day efficiently," an American 10th grader wrote in a classroom survey. "I can exercise, rest, and finish without interference. of school work."

In order to allow children to better benefit from the teaching methods of distance education, parents can consciously cultivate children's ability to arrange their use of time productively and effectively. Let your children exercise and arrange their time reasonably, so as to better cope with the high degree of freedom and time flexibility brought about by the online class.


Identify Learning Goals 

(Clear learning goals) 

Children need to read as much information about the course as possible. If necessary, please contact the teacher in time to better understand the course content goals.

The advantage of clarifying the goal is that if you find that you have not reached your goal during the learning process, you can communicate with the teacher in a timely manner, find out where there may be a problem, and then make a plan to get back on track.

This habit, whether it is offline or online learning, is very important.

However, online learning gives children more freedom and flexibility, and unlike in school, they can always receive the attention of teachers, which requires children to be more conscious than usual to clear their goals. Children must learn to reach out when they need help - or risk falling behind those more pro-active students early on.


Parents who want to help children develop the habit of clear learning goals can guide at the beginning, help children read the course information together, clarify goals together, and then regularly remind children to track their learning status and timely Communicate with the teacher.


Stick To Your Schedule

(Use Your Time Wisely)

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Although online learning has a high degree of freedom and flexibility, children still need to develop relevant timetables to complete efficient online learning and achieve their learning goals . It's just that the schedule is not like the school schedule, there is a fixed time every day.

The schedule for online learning will be reasonably arranged according to the students' daily activities and habits at home.

Although this timetable can arrange different processes every day, don’t forget: flexibility does not mean randomness or no planning .

To Sum it All Up

7EDU recommends :

Parents can encourage children to arrange their time reasonably, consciously, and with clear objectives in mind.

At the same time help the children understand and clarify the learning goals together,

and in the process, supervise the children to track the learning results, see how they're matching up to their goals, and abide by the established schedule.

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Children Adapting to Online Education: 3 Healthy Habits for Distance Learning
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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