Our Mission

With experienced, dedicated instructors, combined with the latest technology platforms, we provide effective, comprehensive counseling and education services to ensure student excellence and success in college admissions.

What We Offer

        VIP full support, educational counseling, application assistance, independent projects, academic enrichment, test preparation, and competition training.

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How We Differ

Meet Our Teachers

Students can maximize their full potential with strong academic and psychological support. Experts have more than ten years of teaching and consulting experience in the education field. We aim to personalize the learning experience for each student's success.

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4 Ways to Learn

VIP Full Package

We utilize the entire team of teachers, counselors, and administrators to support each of our students.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Personalize the class content to accommodate the students' need by maximizing their productivity. 

Small Group Classes

The restriction of 12 students allows our teacher to give every single student the attention to optimize their learning experiences .


Receive most updated information of the current K-12 education and college application trends, test policies, and 7EDU's new offerings.

College Acceptance Results

Scored 32+ ACT
Scored 1500+ SAT
Scored in 99th percentile
100 points added to SAT average

Student and Parent Testimonials 

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