Course Schedule:
Saturday [11/6-11/27]
9AM-12:30PM Mock Test (Pacific Time)
2:30PM-4:30PM Mock Test Review (Pacific Time)

Target Audience:
Students who are preparing for taking SAT within 3 months and have achieved a score of at least 1400 in their SAT diagnostic test or previous SAT test

Why This Class:
In addition to evaluating knowledge, test strategies and logical reasoning, SAT also examines students' problem-solving ability under stress and fatigue. In our SAT mock test strategy and review class, students will have the opportunities to practice with past real SAT tests under strict timing on each section. After each mock test, students will be provided a thorough review of the test as well as teach strategies of how to solve problems quickly and accurately.

Course Highlight:
All instructors have more than 15 years of teaching experience
Real tests under near-real test environment
Adapt to the pressure and fatigue of the real examination room
Improve test strategies as well as content knowledge
Live interaction between instructors and students
Timely communication between instructors, class mentors, students, and parents
All classes are recorded and students can access class recordings upon request

Event Type: Small Group
Course Period: Fall 2021

SAT 1500+ Mock Test Strategy and Review Boot Camp (November 2021 Saturday)

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